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Mama Rose Speaks

Did you ever have a snippet of lyrics start going through your head on an endless loop? How about lyrics from your days in high school? How about lyrics from a musical you didn’t even star in, but one where you had assorted generic walk-on roles?

Hello, Gypsy! It’s been *mumble-mumble* years since I’ve even thought about you, let alone sung any songs from your score. Remember me? I was a Toreadorable, and a waitress in the Chinese restaurant, and a general chorus-person-dogsbody. I know, right? It has been forever. I’ve been fine, and you?

One song, Gypsy, popped into my head a couple of days ago, and I can’t seem to make it vamoose. Around and around, I go over the words like some kind of musical theater Rain Man. It’s Bad. Very Bad. Very Bad.

Maybe if I type out the words, they’ll be satisfied and leave me alone – do you think it’ll work? Certainly can’t hurt now, can it? Here they are:

“Some people sit on their butts

Got the dream, yeah, but not the guts

That’s okay for some people

For some hum-drum people to be

But some people ain’t me.”

In the interest of full disclosure, since I’m all about truthiness and honestication, these lyrics aren’t exactly correct, at least if my Google search is accurate. Sorry, Gypsy. It’s been a while. (I kind of jumbled a couple of verses together into one Gypsy-fied blend, but I think you get the drift.)

Wait a minute, Gypsy, I think I get it.  Writing books, searching for an agent, searching for a publisher…well, it’s just like Mama Rose said. It’s not for the faint of heart. You have to have guts, and you have to DO IT, even when it looks like there’s not a chance in hell you will be successful. Any number of published writers have said the only thing separating them from unpublished writers is perseverance. That’s it. Sticking to it. Sucking up the rejections. Pushing through. One more set of revisions. One more query. One more class or conference.

And now, Gypsy, you want to know –

Do I have the dream?

And do I have the guts?

Damn right I do. Some people ain’t me.


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