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Saturday Stuff

Morning, family! Bits and pieces from the six brain cells hanging on in my big, ole noggin:

* I don’t recall a colder or rainier May in the history of my life. And I even like rain and clouds, ’cause that means I can cover up more of my oh-so-fabulous bodkins. Sod it. I want some sunshine.

* In a bizarre twist, the dog has been shedding approximately a cubic foot of hair per day. She should look like one of those hairless cats, yet she’s still fuzzy. I don’t understand it. If we could generate power from dog hair, the world would have an unlimited source of energy.

* If my darling husband asks for chocolate cake for breakfast, should I let him have it? The cake, I mean?

* We may be getting a new kitten this weekend. One innocent remark to try to save the life of an unplanned kitty and BAM…another fuzz-butt at the Queen’s Castle. The dog will think we’ve given her a new chew toy. This could end badly.

* My visit to Texas was wonderful and productive, but mostly just a great opportunity to hang out with one of my favorite people. Writing is such a solitary pursuit – it’s a delight to be able to share and talk and natter on about it with someone who really understands the journey. And likes red wine as much as I do.

* No matter how old they get, the sprogs still love ‘SpongeBob’ and ‘Phineas and Ferb’. Sure, they watch G4 and Spike and every stinking episode of ‘Swamp People’, but SpongeBob and Patrick still make them lol. (That’s ‘laugh out loud’, Dad.)

* Zumba this morning! Woo Hoo! I better go get dressed. Naked Zumba would be bad and wrong. It would be bad-ong.

Have a wonderful weekend!



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