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Pass the Geritol, Part 351

It’s another one of those moments… a moment when you look around and say, ‘what the hell have I been doing for the last twenty years?’ When you ask ‘why do I have more gray hair than my mother?’ When you notice that people no longer wear short shorts with knee high tube socks, Gunne Sax dresses, or Pentimento jeans.

Here’s the latest hash mark on the timeline of my life: my oldest sprog has finished his degree and is graduating from college.


The sigh is for me, not for him. I am VERY proud of my baby boy. This hasn’t always been the easiest of journeys, and he figured out and conquered his problems all on his own. That, for me, is what college is all about. When life throws things at you, you need to find your inner Teflon and keep going. Shields up, Captain…maintaining at impulse power. (SUCH a geek.)

But since everything is about me (and I apparently never matured past four years old), it’s yet another reminder of the passage of time, and how much or how little we get on this earth. And it really does fly by the older you get. I blink and a week has gone. Another blink and it’s a month. A hiccup, and a year has passed.

For my lovely, wonderful son, a world waits for him. Kind of a scary world, but I have every confidence that he will find his way with style and success.

For me, I get the pleasure of knowing him and saying I’m related to him (and to all my fabulous sprogs). Geritol be damned. I think I’ll age when I feel like it. And that day is NOT today.


2 Responses

  1. dear julie –
    i can not believe it! i remember that little one so much! so beautiful. i had so many dreams then, different to now.
    now i have my own little boys, and i know the time will fly just as it has for you
    ( i know it to be true because it seems like this morning i had Brendan on my knee in Carol’s kitchen and that i watched you rock Jeremy to sleep. and that i heard the news of evan. big big sigh.
    you have a beautiful family and i think of you all so very often.
    love to all that remember,

  2. Awww, your boys are simply lovely. I can’t believe you had twins! When my three boys are sitting around the kitchen table bitching at each other I consider the wisdom of procreation. 🙂 But most of the time, I like them a lot.

    We think of you, too, and send our love. Smooches and hugs!!

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