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A Sunny Saturday

I know. I was surprised, too. All the weather gurus predicted showers and mid-sixties yesterday, but the incredibly fickle Northwest had other ideas. That’ll learn ’em.

I think it was the first Saturday we’ve had this spring where it wasn’t piddling down rain, or the ground wasn’t squelchy with mud. Darling husband, oldest sprog and I danced our way outside and began to weed the three-foot high grass in back beds. It was ugly and bad. It was bugly.

See? I am not exaggerating. There’s even a blackberry lurking in the weeds, grass, and shrunken perennials.

There’s so much grass growing through my rudbeckias I may have to remove them entirely.

I hang my head in shame.

On the plus side, we actually got something accomplished yesterday, thanks to the lovely sunshine coupled with a delightful cooling breeze.

The bare ground in this picture had been a mini-hay field. I’m pleased to report all three hydrangeas survived the weed assault, since I know you wondered. And really, who doesn’t stay up nights worrying about my hydrangeas?

But the blueberries, you ask…for the love of compost, what about the blueberries? This is before my darling husband started his epic scorched-earth weeding.

And this is after. Yes, I love that man o’ mine.

So, tell me…how does your garden grow?



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