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Number Three

The title refers to the number of blog posts I’ve made this month.

Uh, yeah. Three. Wow. A new low. It’s not like I’ve been terribly busy – but I suspect I’ve run out of things to talk about. Sure, I could post pictures of the kitten.

And how he pounces on Wilbur at every given opportunity.

Or how he enjoy nomming on fingers, toes, chairs, cats, dogs, curtains, strings, paper…basically anything.

He’s still softer than anything. To quote the youngest child in Despicable Me, “He’s so fluffy I’m gonna DIE!”

And I guess I could post pictures of the garden now that we’ve had a couple of non-pissing down days.

See? My lilies managed to bloom, along with the can’t-spit-around-here-without-hitting-Shasta-daisies. Even the hydrangeas are coaxing out a little color.

My hanging baskets turned out pretty nice, for me.

And my patio plantings look pretty good, too. Again, for something I planted and didn’t buy pre-made.

That’s what happening around here. My blueberries and raspberries are producing lots of fruit now. My sprogs are summer schooling, looking-for-jobbing, and looking for housing. My darling husband is finishing lots of projects we put off until the summer. I’m helping the businesses I work for limp through this economy’s crap-storm – though I worry I’m not doing enough.

‘Summertime, and the livin’ is easy’… might be true if you’re twelve, but it doesn’t apply to any of us in the Queen’s castle.


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