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Art, Schmart

I’ve got a terrible secret, and I hope I can trust you to keep it just between us. Don’t tell anyone. Here goes…

I think Dale Chihuly’s art glass looks like aliens from the original Star Trek series.

Not all of his work, of course, just a few pieces – and I think once you see the pictures, you’ll agree with me. Here’s the light installation at the Bellagio front desk in Las Vegas:

See how the glass pieces hang there, looking like they’ll drop onto your head any second and suck out your brain?*shudder* I actually had a hard time walking beneath the installation. Okay, I’ll be truthful: I would NOT walk under the installation. No way. No how.

And here’s a picture of the aliens (from “Operation:Annihilate!” in the original Star Trek series, for you geeks out there):

These aliens would drop from the walls and ceilings on unsuspecting red-shirt crew members, or Spock, and control them after sucking out their brains. Or injecting them with a parasite. You know…that old chestnut.

Here’s an up-close and personal shot of the alien, I mean Chihuly glass piece:

See? See? The colors are a little different but if you were to get any closer…BAM! Your brain would be toast and you’d be trying to hijack your ship into the Neutral Zone.

My apologies to Mr. Chihuly for comparing his artwork with a television prop made using fake plastic vomit and clear air bladders. But seriously, dude…

A whole installation hanging overhead? I had the squicks for about twenty minutes. Anyone else?


2 Responses

  1. You never mentioned any squicks!

  2. Well…I was trying to man up. *shudder* Plus they were enclosed in glass and couldn’t drop down on my head.

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