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Can You Argue With Hate?

I don’t get political here in the Castle – my views are mine, your views are yours. I respect that. But it seems every small contest in our world has devolved into a vile, name-spewing, hate-mongering, never-ending festival o’ shit. (Yes, shit. I said it, and I stand behind my choice of nouns.)

I said it almost a year ago, and I will say it again…why we gotta be like this? Huh? WHY? I hate, hate, HATE it when every argument and every difference of opinion turns into ad hominem attack.

Here’s an example – these are actual postings on Facebook today, after the University of Oregon Ducks defeated Stanford in football last night. I am not making these up, and misspellings are original, too.

 I should put on my “Friends don’t let friends go to Oregon” T-shirt or my “If I was any dumber I’d be a Duck” T-shirt. 

Let’s compare most famous graduates. UO- Shoe magnet who uses slave labour in Indonesia to support his empire, Phil Knight. OSU- Only person in history to win two un-shared Nobel prizes in Chemistry and Peace, Linus Pauling. Hmmm? 

I love the dudes in there hopped up 4X4’s with there fancy U of Hole shit plastered all over their rigs and the closest they ever came to the U of Hole is when they picked up their last load of Meth in Springfield.

Huh. Really?

Would you be offended? Would you just let it go and chalk it up to too much testosterone and too few neurons? Would you answer in the most intelligent way possible, attempting a reasonable discourse? Would you fear for the children of these men being exposed to this much intense hatred for, of all silly things, a college and a football team? Would you laugh it off and walk away?

Come on, peeps, let me know what you think.


2 Responses

  1. Reasonable discourse? There is no “reasonable” when fans get like this. But it doesn’t rile me up. It’s all quien es mas macho posturing. Too much testosterone and too few neurons, as you said. I’ve got too much to think about as it is. That kind of stuff goes straight into the ignore category.

    • It’s funny, the thing that chapped me was the comparison of ‘famous’ graduates. I wanted to tell him that my molecular genetics professor had worked with Watson and Crick in mapping human DNA, but then I realized as someone who misspelled ‘magnate’ and ‘their’, maybe he wouldn’t quite get the reference.

      And yes, I ignored. 🙂 You are totally right – there’s too much on my plate as it is.

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