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Stuff ‘n Stuff

Nuts and chews from the box of See’s chocolates that is my life:

* I’m making a casserole for dinner tonight – throwing things in a pan and hoping for the best. This may well be my last blog post ever – if you don’t hear anything, Google ‘Food Poisoning Oregon’.

* Oh, “Glee”…why you gotta go there? Evil Quinn? Fake Irish accent? Seriously?

* We, or more accurately, I am expecting snow on Friday. Friendly flakes only, nothing’s gonna stick, but…yay! Snow. Yay!

* The first person to ask me if I’ve gotten all my Christmas stuff done will quite possibly need attention at the nearest Urgent Care facility. My only answer, up to the 23rd, is “Don’t be silly.”

* TLC is going to produce a reality show about Irish Dancing. They mention the words ‘tween’, ‘fey-like’, ‘fierce mothers’ and ‘jig dancing’, all of which tell me they haven’t a clue what they, or the production company, are doing. They also never mention boys. I’m sure the show will be just as riveting and stomach-emptying as “Dance Moms”.

* Our senior car is about to roll over to 200,000 miles. Yes, we are just that exciting. All the time.

* My oldest sprog wants to write headlines for Daily Variety. An example –  All Bretts Are Off. Hmmm…I’ll find another. ‘Napa’ Bottles Up Thesp Foursome. Genius. Pure genius. And what a fabulous use of an English degree.

That’s all the news that’s fit to make up. How’s you?

NaNo Word Count: 25,000


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