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Musings from the Moat

I’m feeling a little low today. Two e-mails from a teacher at the high school, and it’s like my knees have been swiped out from under me. Oh, well…onward, right? I think I’ll do the backstroke in the moat for awhile, pondering things as I dodge the swamp grass and baby alligators.

* In the mid-eighties, why exactly did we think skinny dudes with too much hair gel were totally awesome? Duran Duran, I’m talking to you. All of you. In your favor – you had better make-up artists than I did. You were also much prettier.

* The Ducks play UCLA tonight for the Pac-12 Championship. Go, Ducks!

* Darling husband had to send out grades today, so we haven’t seen much of him this week. Hi honey! *waves*

* I have purchased roughly nine of the 1,622 gifts I need for this holiday season.

* In a direct corollary, I have exactly $9.00 to my name.

* Who put baby alligators in the moat? I told you, they go in the second bathroom! No one ever listens to me…

* It makes me happy that Joel McHale is a Northwest boy. Dunno why. It just does. We loves us some snark ’round these parts.

My hands are getting pruney, so I’m going to climb out of the moat and look for chocolate. You want some?


2 Responses

  1. Oh! Oh! I got one of those nine gifts! It arrived today. *smooches*

    Also, erg on the sprogs who don’t realize teacher calls are not mood enhancers. Maybe he should swim in the moat for a bit. He can gather up the baby alligators and put them back where they belong.

  2. Yay! Just a little sweetness from the Northwest for you! And it’s totally Paleo – only in December, though. šŸ™‚

    Yes, the sprog is now swimming in the moat. The baby alligators are using him for a teething toy.

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