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*snicker* I said ‘butt’.  Oops…sorry…

Okay people, look lively! Things need shaping up around the Castle.( And by ‘things’ I mean ‘us’.) We need to do something about bat wings, muffin tops, and thunder thighs – STAT!

Enter the lovely Ginger Calem and the lovely Linda Gerber…two of my critique partners and all-around fabulous individuals. They started chatting about health, weight, energy, strength – you know, all the stuff you’re supposed to worry about but don’t because you have clothes to fold, bills to pay, a chicken in the oven, and a child wrapped around your shin. But they moved past all the everyday stuff and got down to the heart of the issue…can your health and your fitness level impact and feed your creativity? What if there’s a link between the shape of your tuchus and the ease with which you write? (or paint or sculpt or balance QuickBooks…it’s all the same, really.)

These two things are absolutely hand-in-hand, and if you neglect your body, your mind will spank you for it. Lethargy, dullness, inability to focus…all attributable to a lack of proper diet and proper exercise.


So they created a new program called WritersButt. It’s a work-in-progress, as are we all, and just started yesterday. Follow Ginger’s blog here: http://gingercalem.wordpress.com/2012/01/04/writersbutt/   She’ll post a new piece of WB every Wednesday – tips, suggestions and real-world applications that will help us all get moving, improve our health and get our creative juices flowing.

You can also follow the daily ins and outs on Twitter, using the hashtag #writersbutt. Plus, we should have a Facebook page in a few weeks.

And now that I’ve downed the volume of the Willamette River, I’m off to piddle and do some squats. It’s a very good thing I work in someone’s house and have the bathroom to myself.

Go WritersButt…Go!!


6 Responses

  1. Thanks Julie, you marvelous person you. Wait, you’re not here? I’ll just hang out until you get back from your tinkle and squats.

    *whistling* *fidgeting* Oh, there you are, as I was saying …

    Now I have to go. Be right back ….

    (((LOVE YOU!!!)))

  2. G!! I drank five ginormous bottles of water, piddled 8,643 times, and did about 100 squats. *whew* Now I need a rest. 🙂 After I go to the bathroom again…

    • You ROCK! Or rather, You PEE! In any case, I’m proud of you. Hope you’re feeling better. all that water should have flushed out some of the germies!

      • I actually am a little bit better, thank you! Throat is still tender and my chest is rattling a tiny bit but the cough drops help, and so does resting. And again…I over-share. Yeesh. Sorry.

  3. LOL! The joke is on me. I saw a retweet about you doing squats in a public restroom and that it was a first for you. I followed you because of that tweet, then took a look at this blog.

    Regarding that tweet, I thought you meant you were hovering over the toilet and it was because your “writer’s butt” was so sore from sitting there and writing all the time. I thought “Rock ON”. This chick is really dedicated!

    My bad. My dumb. But hey. I found you. Follow me back so I don’t feel like a complete #WritersAss.



    • Lucy –

      Sadly, my writer’s butt is from excessive toast, but I’m very happy you stopped by! 🙂 I’ve already followed you on Twitter, since a few of my friends did and since you didn’t have the words ‘sex’ or ‘orgasm’ in your profile. *shrug* A girl’s gotta have some standards, you know.

      Feel free to drop in whenever you can, and thanks for reading, even if it was on accident!


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