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WritersButt, Week 2

All right, my little otter pops…time for another task given to us by the lovely Ginger. How did week one go for you? Ready to step it up?

This week:

Continue to drink a small swimming pool of water (100 ounces a day is the target). This is my glass/bottle of choice, naturelment.

Every time you pee (which means about a zillion trips to the biffy because of the agua), do ten squats.

ADD IN ten push-ups (I do wall push-ups, ’cause it’s not really convenient to get down on the ground at work or at Starbucks). You can do regular push-ups, girly push-ups (shown below) or wall push-ups.


In the interest of full disclosure, Ginger doesn’t tell us to do both squats and push-ups, but I’ve been doing them for a few days now and they go quickly, so try both. After seven days, it seems my thighs and arms might actually have a muscle or two under all the carb-riddles chubbiness. For me, having two small activities makes this feels a little more important, plus it’s getting me ready for the BIG transition…changing my food habits.

Go see her post here for more details: Ginger’s Blog My creativity level hasn’t changed yet, but I’m heading in the write direction. GET IT?! I said ‘write’ direction! Woo. I crack myself up.

Now go forth… drink, pee, squat, and push. WritersButt gets you active, even if you aren’t a normally active person. It’s a WIN-WIN!




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