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And a ‘Good Afternoon’ to you! Glad to see you ’round the castle – pull up a chair and I’ll have a minion fetch you a frosty beverage of some kind. What’s up with me, you ask? Oh, go on… you don’t want to hear about boring old me, do you? Really? No, I couldn’t possibly. No. *blushing* Well, if you insist, and only because I want my guests to feel like lord of the manor.

– Cats are the weirdest animals. They chase bugs, kill them, but don’t eat them. I felt like some Mafia low-life cleaning up a body after the hit man, and all I did was escort a single fly to Valhalla. I suppose I could have floated him down the Ganges (i.e. flushed him), but I didn’t think of it at the time. I’ll try to be more aware of my options.

– We’re all pretty sure our winter’s over. My daffodils are about two inches out of the ground. What do you think? How’s your winter treating you?

– The joys of driving a thirteen year old car are never-ending. Now my brakes sound like the percussion section of a salsa band. Aye yi yi!

– I miss Sparky-cat when the weather gets cold. I miss his cuddles. He kept me warm. He also kept most of his fur on me, so maybe I should be glad neither of our present felines is a cuddler. My allergies are bad enough as it is.

– Yes, I do look young for my age. My secret? Fat fills in the wrinkles. *shhhh* Don’t tell anyone. Here’s some Rocky Road.

– The sprogs are fine, or as fine as can be expected. None are in jail as of this moment, as far as I know. Thank Bob.

– Is it Friday yet?

So sorry you have to scoot along. It was lovely to chat with you – please come back soon! Mi castle es su castle. Don’t forget your toast and your kitten, they’ll be waiting for you on the drawbridge. Tootles!


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