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It wallops me upside the head every year… I just don’t see it coming. I get used to the rain and the chill. Muddy paw-prints across the kitchen are my normal. I become accustomed to layering and turtlenecks.

And then, this happens:

The wild violets begin to bloom by the front sidewalk. Tiny bits of purple catch my eye as I dodge the latest deluge and run for the car. They’re so lovely and seem so happy. And right behind them? These guys:

Don’t judge my gardening, please. I like the leaves and sticks. It’s a natural mulch to protect the daffodils. Okay… I’m lying like a rug. In reality, I just haven’t picked the stuff up yet. (Go ahead and judge – you’re allowed. I’m the worst laziest worst gardener ever.)

Whether I like it or not, spring is just around the corner. It’s been a warm winter (dammit), which means metric tons of bugs, fleas, and weeds to deal with. On the positive side, my passion flower vines seem to be enjoying themselves. So there’s that.

What’s springing up in your garden? Gnomes? Fairies? Tulips? Snow? Come on – share with me!


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