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Wander-In Wednesday

So… that just happened, huh? Yeah. Weird. Now that I’m getting used to the idea of being a cancer patient, I think I can also try to make that fact something I don’t think about too often. Kind of like the dust bunnies darting through my house and the ginormous size of my ass. And on that note, let’s see what other things are flitting around in my head…

* Snow. Snow. Snow. It’s March. It’s Oregon. And it’s snowed three or four days out of the last seven. Seriously, weather gods… are you high?

* Kevin the Kitten needs to be snipped before Wilbur has to go to a rape counselor. Poor Wilbur. Should I get him a therapist?

* It’s funny how you say the word “steak” and suddenly your twenty-something children are eager to come home and visit you. *shrug* Just sayin’. I’m not above using bribery to see the sprogs.

* I think my arrangement of tulips have continued to grow even though they are cut flowers. Now they are flopped over like a very sleepy octopus stretching out his tentacles to grab my tea cup.

* No, I am not on any narcotic medication. Why do you ask?

* I would really like to meet some of my favorite follows on Twitter, but I know I’d just geek-out and say something stupid. Like The Bloggess, Stephen Fry, and Wil Wheaton would really see that we are kindred spirits? I don’t think so. I’d be just another of their bajillion followers clamoring for their time. Sometimes the immediacy of social media really sucks. Maybe I should go back to talking to the people on television.

* My dog barks at nothing.

* My kitten chases spiders across the kitchen floor. One spider actually looked relieved when I put him in the spider cup to relocate him outside.

* Yes, I can sense emotion from spiders. No, I really am NOT on any medications right now.

That’s all that’s happening in the Castle at the moment. What’s happening in your neck o’ the woods?


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