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El Padre(s)

Father’s Day.

I have one father. One step-father, and an ex-step-father. I have two fathers-in-law. My brother is a father. My other brother is a step-father. My darling husband is, of course, a father.

I am surrounded by fathers, though (thankfully) none of my own progeny fall into that category. *whew*

I hope each and every one of the fathers, uncles, grandfathers, guardians, and mentors in the world has a lovely day being celebrated by their families. Here’s one of my favorite pictures of the darling husband taking care of our three sprogs a zillion years ago. For the record, the baby in the backpack is almost eighteen now.

Happy Father’s Day to my father, Bob. To Joe and Valdis. To Jerry and John. To Peter. To Bobby. And to my darling Jim.


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