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Ray of Sunshine

Oregon is experiencing a normal June occurrence – that of the misty-cold-holy-crap-where’s-my-fleece-rain-clouds-rain variety. We sweat one day, we freeze the next. However, we are Oregonians, so we expect it. If someone complains or doesn’t agree with the universal proclamation, “it’ll clear up July 5th”, they have not lived here very long.

That being said, let me provide a small bit of color in yet one more gray afternoon. It may not be gray where you are, but I think the pictures are purty, nonetheless.

Here are my hanging baskets, naked and forlorn because I spent May on the couch worrying my family and looking like death.

One good plant sale and one peppy Friday later –

VOILA!! (That’s what I remember from four years of high school French. Just sharing the love.) And these pics were taken on the same day, too!

You know what made me even happier than looking at the flowers? I got all the plants for three gorgeous baskets for… wait for it… Twenty-five smackeroos. Oh, how I do love me a bargain! Makes me want to do a happy dance (assuming I could, and assuming I have rhythm, which I do not).

Time for you to confess now – what little thing makes you giddy?


5 Responses

  1. So Puuurrty! It probably comes as no surprise that petunias shiver, quake, shrivel up and die in my presence. In fact, I think they die if I even consider buying them. I want hanging baskets too. *sigh*

    • You could have hanging baskets. Just have to water them a lot. Ooh, plus those nasty bugs couldn’t eat the plants.

  2. Every year I wish for the time to have a lovely garden. Or even just some fresh tomatoes! *sigh* some day…
    meanwhile, the little thing that always makes me smile and never fails to cheer me? A new pen. Giddy? A new journal. (also, flamingo anything. I’m just tickled by the idea of flamingoes. I’m smiling just thinking about them!)

    • Tomatoes LOVE containers. Right out on the driveway by the garage – and BOOM. Fresh toe-maters when you take the puppies out.
      I knew about the pens and journals but flamingoes? I had no idea. 🙂

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