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Recommended Reads

You may have seen these before, but I’m going to remind you that these books are terrific. Really. I would not lie to you.

DEADLY FARCE  is a thoroughly enjoyable book with laugh-out-loud moments and quirky characters. Lorraine kicks ass and doesn’t suffer fools – who wouldn’t love her? (Click on title or picture for a link to Amazon to buy this FABULOUS book!)

Jen has another book on Amazon – this one is a middle grade historical adventure, and is available only as an e-book.

Kade finds himself transported onto the doomed ocean liner – can he prevent the accident? If not, can he save himself from going down with the ship? Jen skillfully blends historical facts with a modern twist to make a story that is engaging for kids of any age – including adults. BRAVING THE TITANIC. Get it now.

These books have been around for a while, but are simply fabulous reads. I have all of them. My 21 year old and 17 year old sons read them and enjoyed them. Oh, yes, you MUST have them!

And now all three books are available in ONE lovely package! The DEATH BY BIKINI mysteries are exciting, fun, and genuinely surprising. You will not guess the endings, I promise you.

Linda also has a new series out, this one aimed at middle grade readers. There are three books out so far –

Cassidy’s first story, CELEBRITY,  will make you want to read the others – she travels the world with her TV host parents, then finds herself on camera, and on the spot. The next two books are PAPARAZZI, which takes place in Greece, and HACKED, in Costa Rica. If there are any ten to twelve year old girls in your life, this would be an awesome gift for them!

Go. Read. Support these fine writers and their works!


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