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I’m Going To Regret This…

My lovely friend and critique partner, Ginger, dared me to do something today. Actually, she double-dog dared me and told me I had to post photographic evidence here on my blog in order to win. Should I rise to the challenge? Should I embarrass the crap out of myself? Will I be able to go out in public ever again? Will my mother see this?

Here. You. Go.

Yes, that is my considerable cleavage, and yes, those are tattoos. The moon and sun. Ginger and I were talking about… oh, hell. We were talking about how ‘The Wal-Marts’ seems to attract large, tattooed women who wear too little clothing. No judgement really, just an observation. And then she thought it would be really funny if I went to the Fourth of July barbecue with a fake tattoo…

And here we are. Or here I am. If you look at a different picture, they kinda look like specialty nipples.


Have a happy Fourth of July, and if you see me, remember we will NOT speak of this. No, we will not.



4 Responses

  1. Should be more like tag, Ginger… you’re it! : )

    • I have to think of something suitably embarrassing and public. It might take a week. It might take a month. But I WILL think of a dare for her.

  2. I am laughing my sore ass off! I CAN’T believe you took the bait. I didn’t think you would. Oh my heckness!! I think I’m the one who’s going to regret this. I’m quivering in fear with what you’re going to make me do. Oh lord!

    You. Are. Awesome!!!!

  3. And another thing … they look kind of cute. I mean, who gets to raise their nipples up with such style and fashion. You might think about a making these permanent.


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