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Stuff. And Other Stuff.

* Though I do kind of regret the pictures of my hooters in the previous post, I find myself pulling the neck of my shirt down so I can catch a peek of the moon and stars on the old chesticles. It’s fun to be a bad girl, even if it’s only temporary.

* The darling husband enjoyed his time at the Olympic Trials in Eugene, so much so he purchased one of the planters used to decorate the area around Hayward Field. It’s our own bit of the Olympic festivities, and now it’s sitting in my front yard:

Kinda pretty, isn’t it? The plant with yellow flowers on the left-ish side is called a curry plant, mainly because the leaves smell like curry. Duh. And now I want chicken makhani for dinner.

* He also had one of the more popular athletes, Nick Symmonds, sign his credentials. According to the darling husband, Nick’s date with Paris Hilton didn’t work out, since he was eyeing all the girls of legal age. Or they were throwing themselves at him.

Other people darling husband saw? The Prince of Monaco, Phil Knight, Dan O’Brien, Carl Lewis, Frank Shorter, and bunches of the athletes.

* While he was gone, I spent crap-tons of money and watched really horrible television. And some good television, too. It was rainy.

* My oldest is preparing to go to Comic Con in San Diego and I want to go, too. Is that wrong? Would a middle-aged woman be out of place?

* Yes, she would.

*Summer has finally arrived in Oregon because, of course, it is July the 5th. It will be Africa-hot soon, and I’ll be loving the air conditioning. For now though, it’s glorious to see the sun and to be warm.


4 Responses

  1. No one is out of place at Comic Con. If you want to go, go! And congrats on summertime and awesome tattoos!

  2. Love the planter and it’s so cool that it’s a slice of the Olympics. I want one! Still giggling over the sun and moon nips. hee hee hee

    • Two-thirds of my children are very glad they don’t live with me anymore. The other one sleeps a lot to hide his shame. Yeah. Maybe I should have thought of a better place for those damn tattoos.

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