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Gosh, It’s Hot

While we were at the divine lake house, which is five minutes from the beach, it turned out my mother was staying at my aunt’s house nearby. And by ‘nearby’, I mean perched on the edge of a cliff looking out at the ocean.

Mother darling saw a local place that would let you blow your own decorative glass float. Granted, it was for a rather hefty price, but still it was an opportunity to do something most people have never done. Once she assured me she would pick up the tab (thanks, Mom!), I was all in.

Here’s my mom heating up her glass. This furnace/oven/kiln of doom was hot. Really, really hot. Like 2,000 degrees fiery depths of Mordor, hot. Notice she wore lots of clothes to protect herself. Dorky old me wore shorts and flip-flops because I don’t think ahead.

This is my aunt snipping of the top of her globe after she swirled in the color bits. The glass is still hot enough to broil chicken, in case you wondered.

The blowing part is done at the very end, and they very thoughtfully provide a sanitized blower-thingy for you. The skilled artists do most of the turning and sizing work while you wheeze and sputter into the mouthpiece.

And at the end, you have a glass float, swirled with color and suitable for breaking  displaying at home.

So what does this have to do with anything? Remember when I said the furnace was hot? Remember when I said the glass blob was still hot enough to barbecue meat?

That’s how it feels outside today.

The End.


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