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Tesla > Edison (From The Oatmeal)

Last week I saw a tweet from The Oatmeal (and you should bookmark his site because it’s awesome) about raising money to fund a museum honoring Nikola Tesla.

If you click on the picture above, it will take you to The Oatmeal’s page about the fundraiser and what it will do.

The link on the picture above will take you to a very funny and informative article about why you should care about Tesla, and why he deserves a freaking museum.

They have raised almost $1.1 million from people all over the country, and probably all over the world. Tesla was a man ahead of his time – yes, he was a tiny bit bonkers but I think we can all agree that it’s probably a fair trade-off for what he was able to do in his lifetime.

I donated, and you should, too.

Love and geeky hugs –


P.S. The guy who runs and draws The Oatmeal is approaching his 30th birthday, he said on Twitter. Really? REALLY? He crowd-funds a museum in a week with over a million bucks? For the love of popsicles… what will this guy do before he hit 40?

I am so old. I am so unworthy. Did I mention I was old? I forget things sometimes…


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