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Since No One Asked My Opinion…

Here it is anyway – in all of its toast-filled glory – because I am sick of elections, sick of politicians, and sick of the divisiveness. To the rest of the world, we look like third graders squabbling over the tether-ball. I’ve run for public office once, which makes me an expert in this… AM I RIGHT? I knew you would agree.

Here are my rules for running for office, and for voting in this country. No toast or Rocky Road was consumed while writing this (of course, those may have improved it, but we’ll never know, will we?). Peruse at your leisure.

Dear Politician of Either/Any Party: Congratulations! You’ve asked us to let you help run the country/state/city/county. What’s next for you?

1)      If you are elected, you are elected to move the government forward, not to make sure some other politician does NOT get elected again. If you do nothing but blockade someone else, you are subject to ridicule, recall, and rejection.

2)      If you lose, it was not a conspiracy or a fix. Get over it and move on with your life. If there were shenanigans, someone will find out about it because there are no such things as secrets in the world we live in.

3)      You are in office to serve. Not to win above everything. Not to promote your own personal agenda or to further your own fortunes, but to serve the people who elected you. Do Not Forget That.

4)      Remember, move forward. Work together. Play nice.

5)      If you cannot move forward because others block your way, find a way around them, as long as you are doing your best for the people you represent.

6)      The good of the country/state/city/county should ALWAYS be your main concern. Not the good of your party or the good of your biggest sponsors.

7)      Be honorable, be honest, be transparent. Don’t do anything you would counsel your children to avoid.

8)      Don’t disparage another politician because their views differ from yours. You never know who you will have to work with. Respect everyone, even those you think are Crazy-pants McGee.

Dear Voter of Either/Any Party:  Congratulations! You’ve just participated in an election. What’s next for you?

1)      If the person you voted for wins, don’t be smug and lord it over everyone. Get over it. They are there to help their constituents, not to be your trophy. Ask what you can do to help.

2)      If the person you voted for loses, don’t whine and reject the winning candidate. They represent you, after all. Make your voice heard in a polite and concise way. Don’t spray paint their walls or make demeaning memes on the interwebs. They are YOUR representative, so you are only mocking yourself.

3)      You have friends and family members who voted for the ‘other team’. If you know some, ask them why. Then be prepared to tell them why you voted for someone, too. If we can accept this in our family and friends, why can we not accept this for anyone?

4)      Understand we all have different agendas. What is Number One with a bullet for one person may be a very low priority for someone else.

5)      Stop hating people who have a certain political position if it differs from yours. Hate gets you nowhere.  Put yourself in their shoes and get a little compassion, for goodness’ sakes.

6)      If you want something to change, get involved and work for it. Stop moaning and groaning and DO SOMETHING.

7)      Don’t give your time or money to someone making a living spouting theories and stirring the pot. Stop listening to and watching inflammatory radio and television purporting to be news organizations. They MAKE MONEY FROM YOUR FEAR.

8)      We are all a part of the same team and the same country. Act like it. Be grown-ups.


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  1. solid points, all

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