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The Friday-est Friday Ever

No, not really. I’m just on hold with Travelocity and I can’t think of anything better. In case you needed to know, they apparently sub-contract all their customer service calls to France. And they’re still working off that ancient submerged phone cable across the Atlantic. I’ve had clearer conversations underwater, and there was less delay, too. See, United Airlines cancelled one leg of the returning flight for our upcoming trip to visit my mother on the other side of the country. We can either be stuck in Houston until the end of time, or try to contact Travelocity via courier pigeon, Pony express, or smoke signal. That was my mistake. I tried to call the phone number listed in the e-mail they sent me. Silly me. What was I thinking?


On that note, and to reduce the rise of my blood pressure, I present Musings from My Marbles:

* When one of your sprogs is sick, you still feel the need to take care of them no matter how old they are. You also buy the worst comfort food in the world to make them happy, even if you know it won’t actually make them feel better. I’m looking at you, blueberry Toaster Strudel.

* I adore the autumn. Fall here is lovely, even if it is a trifle damp at times. The leaves on the aspens are still green, though I’m guessing they will be golden within the week.

* This:


Son of a nutcracker. One ray of sunshine? My middle initial is not J –  maybe they have me confused with some other person with my name who lives at my address. A girl can hope.

* I need new jeans, but the idea of going clothes shopping is making me hemorrhage from my dainty earholes. The last time I bought jeans was, uhh, was… I can’t remember. Although given my new AARP card, I should get used to memory issues. What were we talking about again?

* My darling husband gets to go to the Duck game tomorrow, which means I don’t have to watch it. Woo! I guess I get a little too fixated on the game – my stomach turns into one big nauseous knot.

The laundry is calling me – how about you? What’s up with you this weekend? Kid sports? Football? Cleaning? Shopping? Come on… share with me!


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