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Last week we made a big decision. We decided to begin the switch to all LED light bulbs in the house.  These, in fact:

LED Light bulbs


Made, or distributed, by Home Depot, these bulbs cost about $10 each,which seems a little steep, but they’re expected to last for 46 years. We’re pleased with the warmth and the brightness, unlike the blue-ish LED lights of the past. And…

Hang on – Forty-Six Years?

So that means there’s a pretty good possibility that these damn bulbs will outlive me.

It’s bad enough having to confront cancer when you’re 49 years old. It’s bad enough to spend three or four months wondering if every single moment will be your last – if every event is the last one you’ll attend. It’s bad enough that ALWAYS lurking in the back of your mind is the thought that the cancer will probably be back, and the next time will probably bring all its bigger and stronger friends. With Uzis and grenades.

But no… now I have to worry about outliving my stupid light bulbs.

I’m very happy to be alive. I’m incredibly blessed that my cancer diagnosis was accompanied by Dr. Fabulous saying, “This will not kill you.” I didn’t have to have chemo or radiation treatments, nor am I likely to have a recurrence of any kind of ovarian cancer, since I don’t have anything vaguely ovarian left in my body.

But, really? Light bulbs? Something so delicate and fragile that just installing them wrong can cause a shower of broken glass and profuse swearing?

Okay, now I want to share the love/frustration/angst. Tell me something in the comments and be entered to win TWO LED light bulbs from Home Depot. I’ll buy them and ship them to you, or I can get you a Home Depot gift card for somewhere around $20. Your choice.

I won’t be here forever, but I’m going to make my ‘now’ as good as I can. You should do the same.


5 Responses

  1. We’ve started doing what you’re doing … slowly switching over to LED or whatever energy-saver bulbs. Is there a difference? Not sure if the ones we have are actually LED. Our house seems to eat lightbulbs. It’s a bizarre phenomenon.

    We’ve almost entirely switched our Christmas lights to all LED. Next year or the year after and I bet we’ll be 100% LED! Woo! 🙂

    • I think we are 100% LED for Christmas lights – made that switch last year. Now it’s on to all the normal light bulbs. We started in the kitchen/dining room, because compact fluorescent bulbs seem to burn out quickly there. The LED bulbs used to be $35 each, and just came down in price, thank goodness. (And obviously I need tea, since I don’t seem able to write anything interesting. Argh.)

      • Everything you write is interesting to my ears! 😉 We have a butt-ugle chandelier in what should be the dining room but we aren’t dining room sort of people so it’s the ‘kids’ room’ (you know that front room) anyhoooo … not a single bulb in the entire lot works. Ha! We have decided that instead of replacing bulbs, we’re going to replace with ceiling fan light.

  2. okay but wait. they can break while installing? I’m not the most delicate creature when it comes to household maintenance. How fragile are these suckers? And do they come in 3-level?

    • Jen, they aren’t any more delicate than a regular light bulb, so you’re good there. And 3-way? I dunno. Mine work with a dimmer, but I didn’t look for the 3-way ones. Now I shall! 🙂

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