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Today, I have no more words. They’ve been washed away in a flood of tears.

Twenty-seven dead. Twenty of them schoolchildren under ten years old. The rest were teachers. Administrators. People we pay to educate and care for our most precious resource. This morning in Newtown, Connecticut, those people earned combat pay – those left alive.

It happened a continent away, yet the circumstances were very close to home. My darling husband is a teacher, one of my best friends a school secretary. If this had happened at their school, they would have thrown themselves into the spray of bullets to protect the kids. I know it. I’m convinced of it.

Maybe that’s why I can’t stop crying. I think of the children, the teachers, the families, and the parents. The emptiness of a room no longer occupied. The toys no longer played with. The lives unfulfilled.

I can’t stop crying.

In July, I wrote a post about the Aurora shooting at the movie theater in Colorado. I closed it by asking you to not let the Aurora tragedy fade, as I knew it would. And now that twenty-seven lives have been extinguished, I ask it again – contact all your congressmen and women, contact your senators, contact the President.

We must not, and will not, allow this to happen again. We must learn from other countries how gun control works. We must put aside our irrational need to bear arms and protect our children.

I will be contacting every elected official I can think of in the next few days, as soon as I’m able to type more than three words without flooding my keyboard.

Please do the same.


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