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Yes, It’s Been A Veritable Whirlwind

My last post was about the shooting in Newtown, CT – while it seems like it happened forever ago, a part of me feels like it happened this morning. *clears throat*

My apologies, six readers. I’ve neglected to tell you about my incredibly hum-drum life – I hope you’ve found another way to bore yourself to sleep over the past couple of weeks. In case you haven’t, here, in all of its glory, is my life in abbreviated form…

Youngest boy finishes last high school final. Darling husband’s birthday.


Christmas Eve. (Sheepherder’s Bread.)

Christmas. Flying to Florida.


Universal and Harry Potter World. (Entrance to Hogsmeade.)


Melbourne Beach and the ocean and my mom. (View from my mom’s deck.)


Disney Parks.


All four Disney Parks.



Many souvenir purchases. Flying home. Taking down all the Christmas stuff. Packing it away. Dog incontinence. Vet bills. Swearing at youngest sprog. Youngest sprog registering for the new term at community college. Laundry. More laundry. Swearing at dog. Cheering youngest sprog as he does everything himself.

And that’s what I’ve been doing. I’m voting for this new year turning out a little bit better than the last one. What’s your vote?


2 Responses

  1. Awww… the boys look so handsome! Such a good looking brood you have. : ) As for the vote – I’m always for the new year turning out better than the last… even if the last one was great. Go, new, awesome year!!!

    • They are cute, aren’t they? I’m glad they got their fathers’ looks. And for this year I’d like no drama, good health, and a renewed muse. Asking too much, you think?

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