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A Few More Highlights O’ The Trip

Consider this the internet equivalent of your boring uncle making you watch slides from his trip to the museum of small-inane-dorky things-no-one-uses-anymore.

527He likes being in pictures. He likes dinosaurs, too.

530This is what the streets of Hogsmeade were like in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. And that’s after we waited for our designated time to enter, too.

532The inside of Honeyduke’s candy shop. This is the line to buy things. Said line circled on itself three times within the store. Apparently, all the people in Florida decided to go to HP Land the same day we did.

IMAG0020Butterbeer. Tasted like butterscotch cream soda, and the foamy stuff on the top kept expanding as you drank it. A little odd and magical, as you would hope something would be while you were in a recreation of Hogsmeade.

IMAG0027My motherp and the three sprogs at an Irish pub in Melbourne, Florida. Ignore the duck face in the background from oldest sprog.

IMAG0024Darling husband and my motherp’s darling husband discussing important beer/whiskey/football matters. When in Ireland, you know…

544My two oldest enjoying the perks of a New Year’s Eve when you are over 21 years old. I objected a little bit, but mainly because I thought they’d hurl all over the nice party hosted by my motherp’s friends. Sad to say, they know how to smoke cigars. There was no hurling, and the cigars were smoked to the ends. As a mother, I was both disappointed and impressed.

Your boring uncle Julie may have more pictures to post soon, so stay tuned. Or grab a nap. Whichever one works for you.


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