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What A Difference

One year ago today I was lying on our couch, trying to remember how to stand up without passing out. I was two days out of my second surgery – the one that removed a bunch of things I’d previously thought were pretty important. I was a very, very sick llama. And unlike my first surgical recovery of 2012, after this surgery I stayed a very sick llama for what felt like ages. It was mid-June before I started to feel marginally normal, and September before I felt healed.

Fast forward to today. Here’s what I did in the last week:

004Planted some containers for the front porch and the Riviera.

012Planted a few more things for the front porch.

005Planted my toe-maters. Aren’t they cute?

008I planted my hanging baskets last week. LAST WEEK, people. It was still APRIL, for goodness sakes. Somebody call the media.

010I planted lettuce seeds last week, too. Look at the ickle lettuce plants… aren’t they cute? Don’t tell the local slugs. I think they like lettuce, too. And if they eat all my lettuce starts I will have to resort to better living with chemicals, something I do NOT want to do unless forced. (Oh, and notice the pumpkin seeds in the compost. Bets on whether or not they sprout, too? I’m guessing the damn pumpkins will be more hardy than the lettuce.)

009Darling husband Jim’s done a lot of weeding this spring. Oh, look. There he is now, trying to coax the &%$# grass out of the crocosmia plants. Hi, sweetie. Smile. (Yes, I love that man of mine.)

And see the blue skies? It’s over 80 degrees today. Yes, I said eighty. Tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer. I know one member of the household not so enthusiastic about warmer weather.

015Poor melted kitty.


One Response

  1. Everything looks so fresh and pretty. I’m going to have a new extended patio soon and I hope to kill some pretty flowers out there. šŸ˜‰

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