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Theme Music for My Life

It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted anything, hasn’t it? Trust me – you would have been bored spitless with the details of my last fortnight. (Don’t you love it when you can squeeze the word ‘fortnight’ into a sentence?) It’s been work, gardening, cleaning, work, more gardening, and more work. The upside? I still have two jobs, with two more potential jobs on the horizon. Our garden looks the best it has in about ten years. Our house is not a mucky pit of despair, more like a mud-puddle of mild depression. So… yay for all that.

008Here is the Kevin-cat approved backyard Riviera. See how big my toe-maters are? (Random aside – we had a windstorm blow through a couple of days ago, which snapped my patio umbrella post. Totes my fault, because I forgot to take it down after Mother’s Day. Duhhhh.)

007Okay, one more picture. These are my lettuce starts that I grew from seeds. And about halfway up the planter box… a random pumpkin has sprouted. I love volunteers, but I’m not sure where to move this little guy. Maybe I’ll just keep him there and let him flop over the edge. (I’m fighting the urge to type ‘that’s what SHE said’, but I know my sprogs would roll their eyes and groan. So I didn’t. Even though I totally did.)

014I lied. One more picture. This is the Mother’s Day card I got from the oldest sprog. It plays ‘Kung Fu Fighting’ when you open it. Ninja kittens…*sniff*. I’m so proud. What mother wouldn’t swoon into a puddle?

Uhhh… what was I talking about again? Oh, music. Right. I listen to the radio on my six mile commute, which means I get to hear approximately three or four songs. I have a tendency to listen to the lyrics and decide what movie it should have been paired with. (It’s okay to end a sentence with a preposition now. My mom said so.) And, in a not-so-bizarre-if-you-know-me move, I’ve even started writing movies to go with the songs – in my head, of course. You should try it… go on. Give it a go. I’ll start.

Yummy, Yummy, Yummy, I’ve got love in my tummy”  -should definitely be the theme song for a grisly and bloody zombie movie.

Harden My Heart” – has to be the story of a sad and love-lorn cardiologist left at the altar, who then has to save the life of his former fiancee.

C’mon” by Ke$ha – this is every teenage movie about losing your virginity and making iffy choices based on raging hormones. Every. Damn. One.

P.S. Sorry for the rambling. See? There’s a reason I don’t post if I don’t have anything to say.


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