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Good Heavens, It’s June!

When did this happen? Wasn’t it just December? Isn’t it 1996? AAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH.  (Here’s a picture from the summer of 1996 . Just so you have some reference.)


Where was I again? Oh, yes… I seem to be having one of those moments your mother warned you about when you were six – remember those? “When you’re older, you’ll wish you had slowed down. You’ll be crying because you CAN’T take a nap. You’ll wonder how time goes so fast.”

And then *BAM*… you’re eons past forty, you’re hopelessly uncool, and you’re becoming as round as Mr. Magoo’s head. I’m sorry? What’s that? You don’t know who I’m talking about?


As I sob quietly into my glass of ice water, here are a few things that popped into our royal cranium this week:

1) When did Pink become such an incredible vocalist? I thought she was a pseudo-punk/grrrl power/limited demographic musical act. I was wronger than a very wrong thing. She can sing the snot out of a song – especially “Just Give Me A Reason”. I’m impressed.

2) Say hello to Arch Cape! My littlest brother and his family visited from Arizona, and they invited us to join them at the beach for a day or so.

Arch Cape 06-2013Which we did. It was awesome. There were fifteen of us in one house, and we didn’t kill each other.

3) I found a new drink recipe. It’s kind of sweet and kind of fabu-tastic. Get a tall glass and fill with ice. Pour in a healthy glug (or two) of Goldschlager Cinnamon Schnapps. Fill glass with sparkling apple cider. And *abracadabra*, it tastes like Apple Pie!! (I don’t normally have Goldschlager on hand, but someone gave me a bottle for my birthday in November, and I wanted to try it.) If you drink one, this will be the expression on your face:

Beach PicSilly. Flushed. Kinda stooopid. Yep.

4) The youngest sprog’s gradumanation party went fabulously well. We had about 25 people here celebrating his accomplishment. I was the valedictorian. My speech lasted approximately 45 seconds, which is the correct length for any public speech. Here’s the official grad boy with his older brother getting into the act so he wasn’t a class of one:

Evan Grad PictureOh, and older sprog put on a wig. I don’t know why. It was a magical evening and I was still in an adrenaline fog from my speech.

This weekend looks to be magical too… summer is here in full swing, and we’ll be harvesting artichokes, lettuce, and raspberries. What’s going on in your neck o’ the woods?

Hugs and smooches –



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