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What We Do When It’s Ninety Degrees

1) The first thing Oregonians do when it’s 90+ degrees? We whine. We whine and whine and whine. We wish for just one day of rain. We whine some more, then we get some cheese for our whine.

2) We stay inside where it’s 70-75 degrees, as God intended the world to be once A/C was invented.

3) We order delivery food because *heaven forbid* we should turn on any appliance that might cause our kitchen to warm up, even in the slightest.

4) We make elaborate excuses why ice cream is a nutritiously appropriate meal any time of the day or night.

5)  We watch a lot of movies and television. We get caught up on all the things we’ve forgotten to see during the other eleven months of the year. We max out our Netflix streaming capability by watching every episode of the new British ‘Sherlock’ eighteen times. Hypothetically speaking, of course.

6) We decide it’s too hot to drive anywhere, even though the car has A/C, too.  Those five minutes spent as the car cools down? Hell. On. Earth.

7) We raise one eyebrow when we hear about places where it’s 85 degrees and 85% humidity, and we tell NO ONE outside of the state that our normal humidity is around 30-45%, sometimes even lower. We then go back to whining, because this is about us, not the rest of the country. Dammit.

8) We forget that we have the same weather pattern every single year, and every single year it’s consistently warm from July until September. We also forget that it hardly ever rains during those months, and you’ll often hear people saying, ‘it’s never been this dry before.’ Except it has. Every year. Duh.

9) The weather changes; we have a week or ten days of 83 degrees, clear skies, low overnight temps. General consensus? Oregon has the best weather in the world.

10) October hits; the rains start; everyone pines for summer; July returns and, in the great circle of life, we’re back to whining about the heat and how it’s never been so dry.

So… how’s it in your neighborhood? Here’s mine:

2013-07-18 10.00.50


2 Responses

  1. We hit the nineties during the heat wave. Then my good friend in Austin Texas reminded me it was 108 in the shade her way. Another great blog, Julie!

    • Yeah, my friend Ginger tells me that her part of Texas rarely leaves the 100’s for three months. That’s why I live where I do. 🙂

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