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Sunny Weekend and Scrambled Eggs

Yesterday we held an informal brunch for the family to celebrate our oldest sprog’s birthday. It was ten days early, but two sets of his grandparents are headed to warmer climes this morning, so we thought we’d make hay while the sun shone. (Shined? Shineth? Was shiniest? Aww, crap…)

Here’s what I cooked yesterday, because I am a Brunch Goddess:

1) Three pounds of bacon (we start with the important stuff).

2) About 45 eggs, scrambled with a little sharp cheddar cheese and chives.

3) Roughly 32 small caramel pecan rolls (not from scratch, thank you Pillsbury!).

4) About a dozen toasted English muffins.

5) Two Tuscan cantaloupes.

6) Two large skillets of Potatoes O’Brien.

7) Five pots of coffee, both regular and decaf, and two pots of tea.

8) Two bottles of champagne.

9) One big jug of orange juice.

Here’s what was left this morning:


Impressive, isn’t it? My family likes brunch, which makes me a very happy cook. Totally worth getting up at 6:45 am on a Sunday.

In other news, we bought a Dyson vacuum yesterday. I never in my life thought I’d spend $500 for a vacuum, and turns out, I still haven’t. We found a screaming sale on the basic model, which works great for us since most of our floors are wood, anyway. A moderately-shocking development? Darling husband was the one to put it together, read the manual, and test-vacuum the area rug in the living room. Money well-spent, don’t you think?

Dyson-DC33Now that I look at the picture, though, it’s kinda Sky-Net-y, isn’t it? If it changes shape like a Transformer and kills us in our sleep, at least we’ll have a few less dust-bunnies in the house.

Again, totally worth it.



6 Responses

  1. I have wanted a dyson for so long!!!! *sigh*

    I totally wish I could have been at brunch. YUM! You Da Bomb!

  2. Love it……… and it’s British too. OK maybe not. Oh well James Dyson is. Kaz, you’re rambling again. x

    • Yeah, I didn’t check to see if this was an outsourced vacuum, but since we didn’t spend anywhere near $500, I’m guessing it’s not as British as the inventor. 🙂 Hugs to you, Kaz!! xxoo

  3. Still waiting to see if it sucked. Or not. Whichever is the good one.

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