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Great googly-moogly… it’s a New Year! Did it go out with a bang? And what have I been doing with myself for the last two weeks, you ask?


No one? Bueller? Well, that’s okay. We all know I’m talking to myself, anyway. Just to mix things up, I’ll give you a list of excuses and you can choose the most likely cause of my blog absence. Winner gets a big air-hug sent in their direction, with maybe a few air-smooches thrown in for good measure.

1) I was kidnapped by pirates and spirited away to the Caribbean, but only to do their laundry.

2) After sipping on some home-made nog, I had a prolonged bout of narcolepsy and have been passed out in my comfy chair for two weeks with the cats. (I’ll accept ‘mild coma’, too.)

3) I got bogged down in the drifts of animal fur in my house, and just now surfaced to find a snack.

4) In a ‘that’ll shut her up’ move, my children sent me by FedEx to the middle of Saskatchewan, since I never stop whining about our lack of snow.

5) My absolute and paralyzing fear of zombies has made the Zombie Apocalypse actually manifest, and I’m hiding in my attic with a cricket bat. Still. (Side bar – we get surprisingly good WiFi in the attic.)

6) I poured all our holiday cookies and candies into my bathtub with me, and didn’t leave until the last one was digested. *burp*


What do you think? Feel free to comment and let me know which one you guess is the most likely reason I’ve not written anything in over two weeks. And as a hint, here’s a few of the ingredients of my home-made nog:

2013-12-24 15.13.08No, seriously. It’s awesome.



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  1. Is there a All of the above, option?

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