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Flat Stanlia

A guest arrived a couple of days ago – she’s small, and flat, and has a jaunty flower in her hair. Her name is Flat Stanlia, and she lives in Michigan with beautiful girl named Riley. When Stanlia unpacked her bags, the first thing she wanted to do was bake cookies. I have no idea why, but what Stanlia wants, she gets.

2014-01-28 18.13.51So we baked cookies.

Next on her list was meeting our pets, because she loves pets. Just loves ’em.

2014-01-28 18.14.42Wilbur-kitty loved her right back, but Casey-dog wasn’t a fan.

2014-02-01 12.56.28Maybe it’s because it was a lovely, sunny day – spring was popping out all over, and the birds and squirrels were out, too. It’s hard to concentrate when you’re a Springer Spaniel and there are BIRDS nearby.

Stanlia and I checked out all the pre-spring plants growing in the yard:

2014-02-01 12.54.50My oldest son planted these daffodils when he was little, and Stanlia couldn’t believe they were already so far out of the ground. I had to tell her that Oregon is very balmy, and we don’t get much snow or winter weather. While the rest of the country was being strangled by the Polar Vortex, we get… well…

2014-02-01 12.53.01We get this. Sunshine and blooming camellias.

Stanlia has to pack up and leave tomorrow, and we’ll be sorry to see her go. She checked up on her itinerary on my computer –

2014-02-01 08.28.03(I had to help her type things, since being relatively two-dimensional makes it hard to press the keys.) She’s off to New Jersey next, then Pennsylvania and Florida before she heads home to Miss Riley.

Goodbye, Stanlia! It’s been lovely having you here, but I know your small pink shoes are itching to get on the road and meet more people. Say hello to everyone for me, and for Wilbur, too.

2014-02-01 12.56.55Wilbur will miss you most of all.

**Come inside the first comment for more information about Flat Stanlia. 🙂


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  1. For those of you who’ve never experienced this, Flat Stanley or Stanlia is a school project used by teachers as part of the literacy curriculum. It’s based on a book written in 1964 about a boy who becomes flat and can be mailed anywhere in the world. Google ‘Flat Stanley’ for more information!

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