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Friday Stuff

It’s been a week since I reactivated things here at the Castle… mostly just the blog, but I’m trying to reactivate lots of things. Exercising took a back seat – in a vehicle a mile behind me – while I had The Plague. I need to get things moving again. Oh, and my food intake needs to be corralled a bit – I need to rein in the sugar and the refined carbs. *sigh* Those are the things that taste the best, you know. Like these –

2014-04-25 08.26.32

Chocolate-chocolate chip cookies. I made them last night, because there’s never enough chocolate in regular chocolate chip cookies. *snort*  I will admit – one of these is enough to satisfy any craving. However, you feel your pancreas losing the will to live when you take the first bite. “Nope”, it says, “My Islets of Langerhans have just stopped working. You now have diabetes.”

It’s been a Good News – Bad News kind of week here. I’ll give you some examples:

Good – we’re getting a large tax refund because we had three people in college last year. Bad – I missed something on the 2012 return, and owe the IRS $600.

Good – this spring has been damp enough to make everything a glorious green. Bad – the hail storms this week tore leaves off of almost everything.

Good – my kids are all getting lots of hours at their jobs. Bad – I miss seeing them, now that they have no time for stupid Mom.

Good – I finally got some feedback from a couple of agents. Bad – all the feedback came in the form of rejections.

Ah, well. It could be far worse. I’m close to celebrating a two year Cancerversary (thank Bob), so every day alive is a blessing. My kids are all happy and healthy. The soggy Springer Spaniel is driving me nuts, but she’s cute when she’s not leaking pee on everything (so if you come over to my house, all you’ll smell is the cloying odor of Febreeze). My friends are fabulous, my family is the best ever, and I found something to wear to the dressy party tomorrow. It might have come from Portland Tent and Awning, but I’ll be dressed in something other than jeans and my precious Disneyland sweatshirt.

Here’s something to remember:

2014-04-25 08.26.54

Smart women also clear the table off before taking a picture, too. Way to go, Ansel Adams.

How’s spring treating you and yours?


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  1. Another fabulous blog post. That Dickens guy had it right. It’s the best of times and the worst of times all rolled up into one. Hopefully most times the best of times outweighs the worst.

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