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Cancer Can Go F*** Itself

You’ve probably all seen the memes on Facebook or other places on the ‘net. ‘Share this if you care’. ‘Share this if you know someone’. ‘Share this if you’re not a heartless, unfeeling, horrid person who also has dandruff, halitosis, and bad cuticles’. 🙂

Cancer Share

I admit, I don’t share. I’m not judging people who do, or people who ask – just telling you why I don’t.

I know people who’ve lost the battle. I know people battling now. One of my best friends in the whole world got a devastating diagnosis a little while ago. Son-of-a-bitching-mother-loving-horse-deflowering-stupid-head disease.

I. Hate. Cancer.

So while I may not share the memes, or the graphics, or the status that’s been requested of me, please know that I understand the fucking battle. I understand what’s at stake and what there is to lose. I understand looking death in the eyes. I’ve walked in those shoes. I ache for every single person given a diagnosis of cancer, no matter what stage it is, or how ‘curable’ it is.

I get it.

But I’m already beaming all my healing lights out into the universe. That means cancer has a lot of my attention as it is, and I won’t allow any more of my world to revolve around a disease I hate. I don’t share because I don’t care – au contraire. (See what I did there?) No… I care for everyone – with sympathy, with empathy, with rage and hate for such a useless disease. I simply have nothing left to give to ‘show’ social media how much I abhor cancer.

Since I can’t and won’t – will you share for me, please? Share often and share liberally.

I’ll read the graphics and memes, wish a sudden and quick death to all cancer cells, and move the hell on.


4 Responses

  1. Thanks for this post. I don’t share the memes either. It has nothing to do with caring to share a meme and it just passes along a kind of meme sharing guilt that’s like a bad chain letter.
    So, thanks again for articulating this so well.

  2. Sorry, Jules. I didn’t mean to make anyone feel guilty. I’ll be more cautious in future.

    • Jen – you would never make me feel guilty – never. I adore ever molecule of you. I’ve been bombarded lately with these kinds of things, and yours was not the one that made me wonder why I never share, no matter how much I detest cancer. Consider this the ruminations of someone with not enough tea or chocolate. Ginormous hugs – J

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