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Another Goal, Shot to Hell

I’m not talking about a sportsball kind of goal, I’m talking about my earlier goal of posting something here once a week. *shakes head* That didn’t last long, did it?

In my defense (because there has to be a defense), nothing very exciting happened around the Castle. Sure, I lost money at a casino. Sure, we celebrated Mothers Day. But nothing really LIFE CHANGING occurred. Here’s what did happen:

1) It got hot. Twice. So hot we’ve had to water the plants a few times. It’s already been over 90 degrees, and we’re still in mid-May. I’m wilting already.

2) For three or four days, I got to enjoy what my brother calls ‘the scoots’. Ahem. We also call it ‘The World Falling Out of My Bottom’. (Sorry for the overshare, but when bowel issues are the only thing you can think of to illustrate a lack of events, it solidifies your point, doesn’t it? *snicker* I said ‘solid’. See what I did there?)

3) I went to the local casino with my Motherp and my wonderful friend Helen. Motherp won about $12 at blackjack. Helen and I lost money on the slots. Gambling problem? Sure, I’ve got a gambling problem. My problem is I never seem to win.

4) My darling husband, the most committed teacher in the world, took a personal day to do something personally for HIM. In ten years, he hasn’t called in sick once, or used a personal day for anything other than a family issue. I am so proud he played hooky for one day. Everyone deserves a little break, every now and then.

5) The only time Mothers Day becomes important to you is when you can’t celebrate it with all your babies at once.

6) Someone complimented me on my skin, telling me I looked twenty fifteen ten years younger than I am. Seriously, fat fills out all the wrinkles.

7) I started Eeyore-ing about my non-existent writing career, then realized I hadn’t done much writing or working on said career in a few weeks. Funny, isn’t it? If you don’t do the work, somehow nothing happens. It’s not exactly rocket science.

8) My work cat tore my favorite new summer shirt. My home dog peed on a few more things and ate other things she wasn’t supposed to eat.

9) Kevin the Kitten is still the most adorable, fuzzy and cute kitty ever. Sure, he likes to lay down on my seedling plants, but what uber-furry cat wouldn’t want a cool place to plop down when it’s 88 outside? I only swore at him for a few minutes.

10) Two pictures for Mothers Day:


This is my Motherp holding oldest sprog on my very first day of being a mother. I look comfy, don’t I? Probably afraid my innards were going to tumble out.


This is my darling mother-in-law, her mother, oldest sprog, and me. Four generations.

I’ve been very fortunate to be mothered by some wonderful women (including Motherp, MIL, my Not-So-Evil Stepmother, my aunts, friends, etc.). They have my gratitude for, well… for everything.


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