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My Busy Life

I know, I missed a week. I’m not exactly sure why, although it might be that I decided to take a nap instead of write. My advanced age, you know.

Here’s what happened around the Castle (and beyond) in the last couple of weeks:

2014-05-26 09.58.31My book club  had a retreat at the beach – and this was the view from our house. (If I can see the ocean, I’m a very happy majesty.) We thought we’d need a couple of days to discuss the May book selection “S.” by JJ Abrams and Doug Dorst. If you aren’t familiar with the book, it’s actually a couple of stories intertwined. There’s the narrative of the book, but then there are the notes in the margins, and all the things tucked into the pages (postcards, photos, napkins, etc.). So you have the story that was published, the story of the author, and the story of the two people trying to discover who the real author is, too.

2014-05-18 19.23.06

2014-05-18 19.23.21

Fascinating. A hard read, but totally fascinating. My take on this is that publishing wouldn’t have done this very expensive project unless it had JJ Abrams’ name on it. Read it and let me know what you think. 🙂

2014-05-30 14.08.55

Let’s see… oh, my car was recalled so I took it in for a routine fix. Nope. Not me. My car had the BIG problem, or one even bigger. I had a rental car for a week while they fixed it. Cool thing? It was a hybrid. I drove about 200 miles on a quarter tank of gas. Fun to drive – a little quirky, but still fun. Now I want a Tesla for a week. Can anyone help me with that?

2014-06-04 14.06.41

I also bowed to the inevitable ravages of time and bought my very first pair of reading glasses. I’ll have to go to the eye doctor to get everything checked out, but these help for now. Still getting used to wearing them, and most times I forget to put them on. Oops.

2014-06-07 10.14.12

And yesterday my darling husband, my motherp and I went to the Rose Festival Parade in Portland. For the first time EVER, we paid for seats right at the start of the parade, where the TV cameras film the participants as they march out of the Coliseum. In my family, parade Saturday went something like this: roll out of bed at nine. Start watching the parade on TV after bitching that it pre-empted Bugs Bunny. Realize it looks like fun. Drive like a bat out of hell to the end of the parade route to see it in person. Watch the exhausted people drag themselves across the finish line.

I have to admit, they had quite a bit more energy at the beginning, which made the price of the ticket worth it. It was a little more problematic to get to the parade, though, since they closed off most of the streets at o’dark hundred in the morning. Funny story – we paid for parking we couldn’t get to. Ha. Ha. Ha. Even funnier? The garages were almost empty when we arrived. Ha. Ha. Ha. How we laughed. Not.

That’s all the news that’s fit to print, and some that isn’t really fit at all. Actually, most of this is limp and flabby and not fit for anything other than my own tiny brain. I obviously need more tea.

Have a good week, y’all!


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