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Lament for the Letter ‘T’


Oh, ‘T’ – we hardly knew ye.

You used to be one of the most frequently used letters in our alphabet. And one of my favorite ones, too, since you often were doubled up in a word. I like doubles. Putter. Letter. Setter. Sitter. Butter. Kitten. Nutter. All these words are fun to say, right?

But something happened a few years ago. Something evil* and lazy* and just plain wrong*.

We stopped saying the ‘T’s in the middle of words.

Why did this happen? How could we let this poor letter become a cessation of sound, instead of its rightful behind-the-teeth tongue movement? When did it become okay to stop enunciating your ‘t’s? Back in the olden days, youngsters, we always pronounced our ‘t’s. Always. If we didn’t, some helpful adult would look at us, eyes squinted a bit, and enroll us in some class to overcome our issues and get in touch with the reason we were suppressing our ‘T’s.

Nobody wants that to happen, ever again.

And so, in the spirit of saving our ‘T’s and keeping us out of expensive special classes, please say the following words with me:

It’s ‘kitten’, not ‘ki-en’.

It’s ‘button’, not ‘buh-in’.

It’s ‘Manhattan’, not ‘Manha-in’. (I’m looking at YOU, Weather Channel announcer. Shame on you.)

It’s enough to make this writer go, “Argh!”  (If you have no teeth, you are excused from this exercise. Otherwise, I expect to hear some front-teeth-closed ‘T’ action from everyone I meet. Everyone. No exceptions.) 

Are you with me, six stalwart readers? Are we ready to make a stand for our ‘T’s? Support them? Use them? Make them the important and useful letters they once were?

Totally terrific and terribly topical of all of you.


*It’s not really evil or lazy or wrong. Not on a global scale – no. But it does get up my tits and bother me. Yes, I’m decreasing my caffeine, and no, I’m not on any medication. Why do you ask?


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